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Personalized Service


Are you tired of receiving second class service from the giants in the copier and facsimile industry?  In today’s market all the copier giants in the industry are buying the smaller companies, taking away the personalized service and replacing it with slow response time, technicians with limited expertise and poor communications with their customers.

Experienced Technicians


Our technicians are required to take extensive training program which includes up to five update courses per quarter. Most of are technicians have engineering backgrounds. At Perfecta, we control our own quality assurance at far higher standards than the manufacturers.

What We Service


We provide exceptional quality service on digital copiers and laser printers.  We service the following models:

COPIERS - All models of Kyocera, Hewlett Packard, Sharp, and Samsung

LASER PRINTERS - Kyocera, Hewlett Packard, Sharp and Samsung

Service Rates

Our service rates are $125.00 per first hour minimum.

After the first hour time is billed in 15-minute increments at $15.00 per quarter hour.

If a part is required the customer will only be charged for the time it takes to put the part in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Moisture in paper may cause your copier to jam. To eliminate this problem always reseal the paper package if you don’t use the entire ream. The inside of most paper reams have a wax sealant to repel moisture. The moisture also prevents toner from sticking to the paper electrically, which causes spots.

Leave your copier on all the time. Most machines today will power down to a cost saving, energy saving low power mode. This enables the machine to warm up quickly. It also generates enough warmth to dry out moisture in your copier and paper.

Cure the Monday morning blues by removing all of the paper left in your machine over the weekend. This paper has moisture in it. Hint: use this paper in your laser printers!

Your glass or your original. These are the only two items in the machine that don’t move. You can clean your glass with any glass cleaner. Get at glass level and look across the glass to see if there is any ink on the glass. This may require using a rubbing alcohol to remove tougher stains.

Replace your toner cartridge. Even though your cartridge may not be completely empty enough to give your toner replacement light, your machine is trying to add toner and can’t feed enough to satisfy your machines need.

Very common problem. Next to your large copier glass should be a small slit glass that only the auto feeder uses. Usually white out and ink stick to that glass causing lines whenever you use the auto feeder. Just clean it with glass cleaner.

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